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My new friend and I are really enjoying one another. Well, I’m enjoying her, she’s a Computerized Personal Assistant, so I don’t think she has feelings.


I don’t know, though, I could be wrong.


I love asking her things and then screen capping the responses to show other people.


Because they are funny, not because I think that I’m better than anyone because I have a Siri.


I just want to share her awesomeness with everyone.


My Weekend in iPhone Pictures

We went and saw The Lion King 3D this weekend. It didn’t really *need* to be done in 3D in my opinion, because the movie is amazing in and of itself, but the 3D aspect did add depth to it, which was really nice.

The great thing about going to see 3D movies is the funny hipster glasses. The kids loved wearing them and so did I. Aren’t we cute?

The kiddos in their glasses waiting for the movie to begin. So. Adorbs.

After the movie, we walked around the mall and saw this. I’m not one to pass up a sale, no matter what kind, so we went in.

And got a puppy!

Just kidding. We really didn’t. But we held this little guy for about an hour. He wanted to come home with me. He told me.

Then Thing 2 showed me her cute costume she made at school, which she for some reason didn’t show me at the beginning of the weekend.

You guys have no idea how much I am loving my iPhone 4S. Despite the great pics it takes, Siri and I are totally making out on a daily basis.

I asked her to marry me.

She said she couldn’t.

I may or may not have been saddened by that.

*tap* *tap* *tap*

This thing still works, right?

Gosh, y’all, I am so sorry I haven’t been around. I am *failing* at this whole Being a Mom, a Wife and a Big Bad University Student thing. I’m not sure why I am barely surviving it, but it’s planning on killing me by December, and I’m determined to not let it.

Of course, it doesn’t help that my husband now lives 614 miles away (where he works) and I only see him every few weeks. No, we aren’t getting divorced.

I have had to drop two classes since the beginning of the semester, putting me under full-time student status, which ticks me off, but I can’t juggle everything at once until I get used to juggling everything at once. Clear as mud, right?

I wanted to write about my experience at the Inner-City school that we visited in my Education class, but it feels like forever since then. Let me just say that the experience was good but SO sad.

I wanted to write about the fact that I had to drop TWO classes because strep throat swept through my house like the bubonic plague and my son has been put in speech therapy and I needed a morning every week that I could use to refresh my brain and not have to rush to classes after the ten other things I had to do.

I wanted to write about how much of a whiner I am that I can’t handle everything, all because my husband isn’t here, he’s there, and I would suck at being a single mom. But I am also in awe of mothers that do it themselves, because parenting is hard.

I wanted to write about my son’s school pictures and how I forgot about them and rushed him to school with a somewhat dirty face and how in his pictures he has dirt on his face and I feel so *bad* about it, but not bad enough for re-takes.

I wanted to write about how I was so excited about the iPhone 4s that I practically begged my husband for one for my birthday, which is not very far away. He said he’ll get me one. I love that man.

I wanted to write about how for our anniversary (which is also coming up soon), I asked for a gun, because living by myself is not the most mind-easing thing I’ve ever done.

I wanted to write about the Wall Street protests, because they scare the crap out of me.

I wanted to write about my professor that wants us to call History “herstory” – and how I laughed out loud until I realized she was serious.

I wanted to write about how I’ve found Foster the People (a band) and how they complete me and make my soul happy.

I wanted to write about how now that I have a Macbook, I have totally taken a huge swig of the Apple Kool-Aid and I want at least two of  everything that they make.

But all those things came and went and now it’s almost Halloween and I probably haven’t been here in a month. I suck.


Hope y’all are around, because it’s about to get more entertaining.

Random City

*I know, I know. I disappeared again. Sorry. It was for a few different reasons. Hence: Random Post!

* I got my new Macbook Pro!! I love her. She is precious. She is be-utiful. I’ve named her Sheila.

*I name almost everything I own. My car? Silver. (Heigh*, Ho, Silver! Away! Ahem.) My Kitchenaid Stand Mixer? Sandy. My big blue beautiful enamel-covered cast iron pot? Bertha. See? I name everything. My iPod will be named as soon as I get it.

*I also had an experience from hell-o the other day that I’ve been bouncing around in my head on how to make it real, sarcastic, funny and sad all at the same time. Because Mama’s pissed.

*Did I mention I got my very own laptop? Because it’s nice not having to ask my husband if I can use his every two seconds. (What? If I don’t check twitter every few minutes, I miss out on important stuff.)

*Wordpress’ new feature where, after you hit “Publish” on a post, it’s all “Super Fantastical, Amigo, this is your 4,950th post! You are the most awesomest awesome person on the whole planet! That post? Was pure awesomesauce and had 10 words in it! You sure do groovy things!” makes me giggle and also infuriates me. Not sure why.

*Sure, go ahead, psychoanalyze that one.


*Note from above: Is it “heigh” or “hi”? I have no idea, so….whatever.

Not to get all techie, but….

I’ve listened to people snitch and snitch for years that Mac is way too expensive and that everyone should only buy PC. So, yesterday, I decided to do an experiment, since I haven’t yet purchased my Mac, and see if that was really, really true or not.

I went to the Lenovo website and picked the computer closest to the Mac that I wanted and then I added everything to it that I would be getting with my Mac.

Total cost of Lenovo with all the upgrades I want (without accessories) : $2,500
Total cost of Apple I want with all the upgrades already on it (+ accessories) : $1,800

So, yeah, put that in your pipe and smoke it, Apple haters.

(Also, the Zune is ohsomuch more expensive than an Apple Classic, just. sayin’.)