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That’s me in the corner … sobbing like an idiot.

Thing 1 starts school in a week and a half. Granted, he *technically* starts school in a week, because he’s going to daycare with his sister for three days while *I* start school, but still: my baby is growing up!


As excited as I am for him, I’m also a little sad. For me. Totally selfish, I know, but in a few weeks, he’ll be telling me, “That’s not what teacher said, Mommy, you’re wrong” and then I’ll have to fight with my hard noggined kid for twenty minutes because some things Mama actually knows but he doesn’t know that yet.

I also might have to crawl out of the corner, stop the rocking back and forth and sobbing, so that I can actually go to school myself, and ya know, pass, so McHusband isn’t all, “What the hell-0 are we paying for if you are just gonna stay home all day and cry like a big baby? Huh?” and then that might cause some marrital issues.

Wait….what was I talking about?

Oh, right, the kid starting school.

Waaah. And some such.



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