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Random Thoughts Part….4?

It’s time for another installment of “Random Thoughts” because a post is not in me today. It’s been a suck-tastic day.

*Bright side of the day: I started another blog. It’s supposed to be social commentary, but we’ll see how it goes. It’s here.

*My husband went on an interview for a new job. Although the bennies (not to mention the pay) is a heckuva lot better, the fact that he’ll be pretty much gone all the time? Not so much. I could rant about Wyoming and their natural gas/oil jobs and how that’s pretty much all that is here and they sometimes treat their people like the Army treated us when McHusband was in it, but that’s an actual post, and I don’t have it in me today.

*I start school in 18 days.

*My house smells like sunscreen. But we haven’t put sunscreen on the last few weeks because we barely go outside because of the demonic hordes of mosquitos and dragonflies (What? It’s my kids that are afraid of bugs. I just don’t want them on me. Or near me. The bugs, not the kids.) Not to mention the fact that it’s been freakishly hot. I mean, we’re not breaking records or anything, but geez.

*I got an awesome deal at Bath & Body Works a few days ago, and you know what? They’ve got their Halloween stuff out. I was so excited I almost did a little dance in the store, because you know what Halloween means? FALL. Fall is my most favorite-ist time of the year, followed by Spring. Winter and Summer can kiss my butt.

*Next week, my children get to be pin-cushions as I get Thing 1 his final round of shots (hopefully!) and Thing 2 her almost last round of shots. Basically, they will be getting at least 2 shots. Each. I would rather jam toothpicks in my nose than deal with this. Which is why they still have shots left to get. Ugh.

*This conversation happened:
Thing 1: Mommy, is it dark yet?
Me: I don’t know, is the sun up?
Thing 1: Yes.
Me: Then, is it dark yet?
Him: No.
Me: Okay.

*We put curtains up in our house. This is monumental. We’ve never put curtains up anywhere that we’ve lived. Mostly because everywhere else had one or two windows, whereas this freakishly small home has overcompensated with windows. Whatever, though, because: curtains! From Wal-Mart, but still: CURTAINS! In my house! It’s a freaking miracle, Bob!

*We found 5,000 acres for sale NorthEast of us. I want 5,000 acres so bad.

*I also want a horse. I want to name him Thunder or her Shasta. I also have a perfect color in mind, but McHusband says purple horses aren’t real, so I have to settle with a brown-ish one. Dream killer.

*Talk radio is starting to depress me, so I have stopped listening to it. I’m getting twitchy. So, tomorrow, I may be curled up in a ball in the corner, but I’m sure I’ll get through this horrible time feasibly well. I hope.

*I got my Shark Steam Mop (Pro? — let’s go with that) and I can’t wait to use it. But that would require me to … clean, so I dunno. Also: I’m pretty sure I may be the only woman alive that jumped up and down and yelled when I opened the package, “OH! It’s here!!!” and then squealed. Yes, I’m totally normal.

Or something.

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