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I, like most sixteen year olds, could not wait to get my driver’s license.

When I got it, I knew that I would need to get a job. I knew that I would need to take on more responsibilities in the house. That was totally fine, because the freedom of driving was more than enough pay-back for me.

Two days after I got my license, I got into a car accident. My hand-me-down Chevy Malibu was completely totaled. I was devastated. It wasn’t my fault, but I felt horrible. My mom had just sent in the last payment on that car and I loved it.

My mom got me an Oldsmobile Cutlass that had squirrel nests in the trunk. The driver’s side door handle didn’t work either, so I had to Dukes of Hazzard it into the front door most of the time, or crawl in the passanger side and crawl over. It sucked.

After that, I got a Pontiac Grand Am that was my baby. I loved her and her pretty silver-ness. She was the most beautiful car ever.

That car got cramped after I had kids.

Now I drive a gas-guzzling SUV that is perfect for me and my soccer-mom-ness. (Although, no, my kids don’t play soccer. Yet.)

I said all that to say this: driving, for me, is almost as good as therapy.

I love to listen to music, which is super-duper convenient in a vehicle. Mostly because of the built in radio and all that.

There are many days, especially when it’s in the 90’s (and we have no AC, so that means it’s 90 degrees in the house, too), the kids and I will flee to my vehicle and just drive. We make loops around town, or hop on the interstate for a few miles.

It’s great.

We sing along to songs, we talk about the different things we see outside, they take a nap.

Sometimes, it gets me through days that are back-to-back house chores, endlessly answering impossibly hard questions, and having to explain why school can’t start right! this! second!

Most of the time, it’s the kids that are begging to go for a ride. Sometimes, it’s me.

Today, the driving was cathartic when my husband told me he may be taking another job where basically, I’ll go back to being a single mom, seeing him maybe once a month. Today, the driving was very needed.

Tomorrow, it will be too.

Sorry I’ve been so down the last few days, sad things have been happing in me casa. I hate it, but it’s something we all have to walk through, I suppose.


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