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That’s what I said…..

[Programming Note: I am back up, and running, with WiFi (can you hear my cries of joy?) so reguarly scheduled blogging will begin again here, and maybe on my other 10,000 blogs as well. I’ll keep you posted.]

Kid: “Mommy, what’s that noise?”
Me: The garbage guy is here to pick up the garbage.
Kid: Oh. [runs over to window] Hey mom! MOM! [excited] The garbage man is here!
Me: That’s what I just said.

Kid: Mama, what are we having for dinner?
Me: Spaghetti.
Kid: Mama, can we have spaghetti for dinner?
Me: What did I just say?
Kid: [to sibling] We’re having spaghetti for dinner.
Sibling: That’s what Mama just said.

Kid: Mama, what are you doing?
Me: Reading the news.
Kid: Mama, are you reading the news?
Me: [bang. head. against. wall.]

Me: Why don’t y’all go outside?
Kids: Mama, can we go outside?
Me: No, I was teasing you when I said that. You can never go outside again.
Thing 2: Uh, Mama? Don’t you think it’ll be hard to get to the car that way?
Me: I have taught you well, young grasshopper.
Thing 1: [confused] So, can we go outside or what?


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