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Excuse me while I take a breath. This weekend (which includes Friday, not Monday) was a mixture of awesome and sucktasticness. I’m really not sure how else to explain it other than to just say, Friday began with me getting in to a fender bender.

The fender bender was more of a “Whuck?!” for me and a “Holy Crap” for the other dude. Long story short: dude behind me was not paying attention, ran into the back of my Expedition with his tiny little Tercell and ended up with a huge hole the size of my fist in his bumper while my Expedition giggled quietly.

Seriously. Not even a scratch.

Color me impressed.

See what I mean, though? Equal parts good and bad. I was happy that my car didn’t have anything wrong with it, but so stressed I couldn’t drive the rest of the day. I literally freaked out, was crying sobbing, because the only other accident I’ve ever been in involved me totaling a car (not my fault, but still) and having huge bruises on my chest and headaches for days, all only three days after I got my license.

So yeah, me and accidents aren’t on speaking terms.

After my husband got home and gave me a firm, but gentle, push back into the driver’s seat? My Expedition and I are, happily, still on speaking terms.

Which is a good thing.

Second sucky thing that happened this weekend: I had another allergic reaction. I’m still unsure as to what is causing it, because I didn’t eat one thing out of the ordinary, or anything that normally triggers it, but still, the hives and floaty-brain-feeling don’t lie, so I ended up taking two Benadryl and sleeping all day Sunday.

Which was the good part. Mama likes her R&R.

The rest of the weekend was kind of a blur.

But because of the Benadryl thing on Sunday, I basically wasn’t very coherent yesterday, which is why I’m writing today instead. Benadryl normally makes me loopy for about two-three days.

Today? I’m not loopy.

Not me.

No sir.

Well, I mean, except when I dropped ten thousand things today. And left my wallet on the top of my car (don’t worry, it’s safe, not left on the side of the road or anything).

I mean, but those? Those are normal occurences for me, so. Nope. Totally fine.



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