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*My laptop is bu-sted. It, for some reason, has gone all bat-crap crazy on me and since I run through laptops like lipgloss, we’ve (McHusband and I) been expecting this for a few months. I’m not sure why laptops hate me, but for some reason I go through one every other year. This time, McHusband really wants me to get an Mac. Ok, that may be a lie. But it’s only a little lie. (Read: I have nagged him and pestered him until he finally said, “Fine, we’ll buy you a freaking Mac, honey,” to which I squealed and kissed him and then began planning what accessories I needed, because duh, every girl needs accessories.) Seriously though, the price tag makes me want to vomit, but other than that, I think it’ll be a good fit for me. I don’t normally drop my laptops (although I drop my phone eleventybillion times a freaking day, and have dropped my Nook twice in the last week, and also drop everything else I own at least once a day, I rarely, if ever drop my laptops) but I use them all the time. We have three computers in our house, and my laptop is always the first to have worn down keys, viruses, etc. because I use it all. the. time.

Ok, enough about that. I’m excited. Yay, us.

*One thing I hate about Wyoming is that they don’t get their schmidt together until the last possible second. You would think that, as an avid procrastinator myself, I would be perfectly fine with this arrangement, but actually I’m totally fine with me being the procrastinator, but not anyone else.

In other words: It’s ok for me, but not for thee.

*My son apparently believes that socks are torture devices sent from the deepest, darkest pits of Hell to torture us meer mortals into submission to … I’m not sure what … but something. The kid hates wearing socks. Sadly, his feet sweat like his Mama’s, so therefore, he has to wear socks or he stinks up my house with his funky smelling shoes. This, I cannot explain to him without basically jamming his nose in to a shoe because he’s all, “Nuh-uh, Mama, they don’t stink!”

Apparently, the child needs sandals.

*One more thing about Thing 1: at home, he speaks in his native tongue (we’re still not sure what it is, but it sounds like a mish-mash of Russian, German, Toddler-ese and Phlegm), but when we’re out in public (anywhere there are other children) he speaks like a normal, well-spoken five year old. My daughter, myself and McHusband are all versed in Thing 1’s Native Tongue, but apparently what we need is a strange child to come co-habitate in our house for a while to kick that out of him.

Anyone wanna volunteer one of their kids? (I’m kidding about that. Stop punching air holes in that box.)

*We have the worst luck with animals. That’s all I’m saying about that right now.

*A trained mokey could keep my house cleaner than I can.

*Last night, at midnight, I sat straight up in my bed, barely awak. I crept out of my bed towards the kitchen, where I did a sink-load of dishes. No, I’m not kidding.

Once I realized what I was doing, I promptly sat down to read a book.

At 3:00AM, I crept back in to bed, tired, but fulfilled.

No, not from washing the dishes, silly. The book!

*My husband’s philosophy is if there’s something that you want to do that isn’t pleasant (taking out the garbage, cleaning, working out), just sit down until the feeling passes. I like this philosophy. Maybe a little too much.

*Did I mention I may be getting a Macbook? Because, I’m not sure, and I don’t really wanna scroll back up.

I’ve already decided to re-do my blog as soon as I get it and get reliable wi-fi connection.

*<————Leave this space blank——————->

*I took my kids to the library yesterday. Oh, yeah, I have stories from that adventure, but no time to adequately describe them. Soon, I hope.



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  1. I love your husband’s philosophy too! And YES, you can have several of my boys. 🙂 Also, an untrained monkey could do a better job cleaning my house. Okay, maybe not better, but he definitely couldn’t do any worse. I enjoyed your randomness!!


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