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Booking It: July

I’m participating it Booking It over at Life As Mom. I totally spaced on it this weekend, so it’s late. Sorry.

I actually read this month! I skipped last month because I didn’t read anything, but this month I did it! Lots and lots.


Carpool Diem by Nancy Star.

I finished this book in four hours. I didn’t mean to, but I did. It was pretty good, actually, and a definite page turner.

Synopsis: This book is about a woman that loses her job and becomes a Work-from-Home mom and notices that maybe her life wasn’t as perfect as she thought it was. She ends up having to deal with crazy soccer coaches, getting to re-know her daughter and trying to work from home for a crazy snitch.

My Thoughts: I enjoyed the book, but it was an odd read. Mostly because it goes back and forth between a few different character’s points of view for almost no reason. There are also some things in the book that I didn’t feel like got resolved by the end.

Verdict: Read it. It’s a light read, it’s funny, it’s frustrating and it’s pretty good.

 Carpe Demon by Julie Kemer

I stayed up all night to read this book. For real, though. It was that amazing.

Synopsis: Kate is a retired Demon Hunter doing the stay-at-home-soccer-mom thing. She’s married to an up-and-coming attorney and has two children. She’s dealing with her daughter being a tween-ager, her toddler (and all the fun associated with him) when all of a sudden, a demon comes crashing through her kitchen window. She realizes quickly that a Hunter? Never gets to retire. Also? She doesn’t have a very good place to hide the body.

My Thoughts: There is some light cursing in this book, so that may bother some people. But me? I can look over it if the book is that good. And let me tell you, dear readers, it was that freaking good. I couldn’t put it down. I also just realized this is a series, so that takes away some of my concerns of “Wait! That storyline wasn’t finished yet!” — as I’m sure there will be things that will be revealed in the next books.

Verdict: Read it, read it, read it! You cannot get your hands on this book fast enough! Seriously. Kate is snarky, funny and a kick-arse awesome Super Mommy.

So, yeah, I consider two books “a lot” — actually I read like four books, but there are some that I just don’t want to talk about yet, and some that I honestly? Cannot remember. Mommy memory is great, y’all.



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