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Random Thoughts Part Deux

*Surely you’ve heard about the Casey Anthony trial [If you haven’t, what, do you live under a rock?] I haven’t been able to pay that much attention to it, mostly because I’m *still* without freaking cable [Note: Send help. And booze. Ok, maybe not booze, just help] but I heard today from the eleventybillion people on FB that were like, “OMG! Holy carp! NOT GUILTY?” [Ahem, spoiler alert?] to which I was all, “Oh my gosh how sad,” and then I was all, “Oh my gosh, all my friends on Facebook are nutso” because they all started attacking each other which is completely necessary in this type of situation.

I mean, you have to pick a side people, you are either right or you are wrong. So, which side did you pick, huh? WRONG ONE! BAM! SMACK freaking DOWN SNITCH!

Yeah, it was that many shades of absolute crazy. They’ve all lost their shiznit.

*If you haven’t been on Facebook today, you are probably not addicted to it, as I am. You also may not have a smart phone. Either way, my advice for the day [and I am so not one that should be giving advice, oh well] is to stay far away from Facebook. My friends are tame to, I’m sure, others, so you may get pulled into a FB war that you didn’t know was going on, and that wouldn’t be fun, now, would it?

Plus, if you are like me, you have enough to deal with at home, no need to have to deal with the Toddler Sized Tantrums from grown-behind people on FB.

*The mosquitos here in town are on my last-freaking-nerve. For the love of donuts, I wish they would all just die. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THESE INCREDIBLY ANNOYING THINGS ANYWAY? UGH.

*The fourth of July in the “New Town” is much quieter than that of the “Old Town”. Last year, in “Old Town”, the fireworks started THREE days before the Fourth and ended TWO days after. Also, someone tried to kill us, the Fourth before that.

Well, okay, I’m not sure that they Actually Tried to kill us. It was more like this: we drove up to a stop sign and s-t-o-p-p-e-d because that’s what you do at stop signs, the person standing on the corner waiting for us to move, obviously decided it wasn’t worth the wait and literally set one of those crazy firework things [the ones that look like a cup, and shoot eleventybillion different things out of them] on the ground at our BUMPER, lit it and RAN OFF. McHusband had to peel out of there before, ya know, our truck caught on fire.

So, “New Town” definitely has less jackwagons in it than “Old Town” which is nice.

*Thing Two has begun to ask “Why” all the time. All. The. Time. At the most obvious things. It’s really cute, but it’s also kind of … annoying. [Note: I really, REALLY, hate calling my children “annoying” because I just do. Couldn’t think of a better word to describe it though.] Here are some examples:

Thing 2: Mommy, can we play outside?
Me: No.
Thing 2: Why?
Me: Because there’s a monsoon outside. Can’t you see the rain POURING from the sky?
Thing 2: Oh. Yeah. Okay.

Thing 2: Are my shoes on the right foot?
Me: Um…[looks at shoes] No. They aren’t.
Thing 2: Why?
Me: Because you put them on wrong?
Thing 2: Why?
Me: I don’t know. Why?
Thing 2: I’m confused.

Me: [fighting off a horde of mosquitos] Hurry up and get in the car!
Thing 2: [stopping on way to car] Why?
Me: Because. Mosquitos!
Thing 2: OW! They bit me!
Me: Get. To. The. CAR!
Thing 2: WHY?

Me: [walking to the bathroom]
Thing 2: [following me to the bathroom]
Me: [at door of bathroom] Honey, go play in your room, let mommy have a minute alone to potty.
Thing 2: Why?
Me: Because I give you privacy when you potty. [Note: This child *demands* privacy in the potty. Which is fine. by. me.]
Thing 2: Yeah, but that doesn’t count for Mamas. 
Me: Why? 

*My children are becoming little smart-asses. I’m not sure where they get it from, but I wish whomever was teaching it would stop.


Ok, I know it’s me. But I can’t stop.

*I adore my husband. Truly, I do. But when he’s been home all day, every day, for three or more days, I seriously want to smack him with a sandwich. Mostly because he triples my housework AND because he doesn’t know how to leave a toilet seat down. Those aren’t the only reasons, but they are the top reasons.

Seriously, how hard is it to put down the seat? Just once in a while would be nice.


*I may bring my political blog back to life.

Yeah, I’m that bored. I’ll let ya know when/if I do.


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