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My husband helped me pick out the mop.

Maybe it’s because his Mama raised him right. Or because he spent 100 years as a bachelor. Either way, my husband is REALLY good at picking out certain household items.

He’s also picky, but this post isn’t about that.

Everytime I need something (a new mop, a blender, etc.) I take him with me to pick it out.

Except last week, when I bought our new mop. Our house was disgusting and I didn’t want to wait for McHusband to come home from work, so I just popped into the Wal-Marts for a mop.
If you haven’t picked out a new mop in a while, there is something you must realize: mops nowadays SUCK. They all have those interchangeable heads and cost eleventybillion dollars.

So, I saw one for 8$, with a microfiber head, and thought, Yeah, perfect. Nuh-uh. Not perfect.

The first time I used it, I realized two things very quickly: 8$ mops suck, and, McHusband was going to absolutely loathe this mop (what? he mops).

He did. Today he used it, cursing under his breath the whole time about the outright suckiness of the mop.

Next time, I’m just sending him to the store alone to brave the eleventybillion dollar other crappy mops.

Because I may be a woman, but I’m not made for this crap.


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