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Summer Lovin’.

I love summer in Wyoming. I know, I know, I *know* what you are thinking: Jeez, you are really a whore. I mean, you kinda *love* everything.

Yeah, I get that. I do kinda love everything.

But, I do love summer in Wyoming, for many different reasons (oh, c’mon, you KNEW there was gonna be a list post again, right? No? Well, spoiler alert: List Post coming up!):

There’s no need for Air Conditioning. Ok, technically, in the “dog days” of summer, I would sell my left ovary for air conditioning, but until then, two fans in the house will do us good. We leave the windows open (with the screens in, natch) and we run the fans and enjoy the fresh air.

It’s not -40 degrees outside. I mean, winters are harsh in Wyoming, so being able to open the windows for fresh air is a treat. Not having to worry about your nose freezing off when you go outside is just a bonus during the summer.

The kids don’t have to wear their snow boots anymore. Snow boots are all you can wear around here in the winter, in the summer, it’s tennis shoes again, which is g-reat.

Yes, this list pretty much has nothing to do with summer and pretty much consist of all the things that are absent from the summer, but whatever, I’m still unpacking boxes, so this is what y’all get.

Also: someone send help, please?


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