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First, pls note that this post is being typed on a cellphone as I am without the internetz for a short time.

*Yesterday, there was this random van parked in the WalMart parking lot that said, in big bold letters on the side, “FREE IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS SHREDDING” — yeah, random WalMart van guy, I totally, totally trust you to shred my documents…….not.

*Finding the little star thingy on a Droid 2 keyboard is difficult.

*My kids want to help pack/unpack until I actually ask them to do something, and then they moan and pout.

*My dog is tired of being outside all the time, but he is so big he gets in the way when he is inside.

*I am dangerously too close to packing my kids up, in a box, with airholes, of course, and sending them to my Mother-in-law’s house, who loves them and will feed them chocolate while I regain sanity.

*My husband will get kicked if he yells at me again.

*I cannot believe how much JUNK we have. Good gravy.

Can’t we just throw it all away & start over? Well, except my scrapbooking stuff, which is taking up the most space, so nevermind.

See y’all soon!


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