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If we lived in a perfect world.

  • Boxes would pack themselves. There would be no more feeling of dread when your husband/significant other says, “I got a new job 400 miles away.” There would be no stabby feelings when you have packed 20 boxes and you look around your living room and there’s more crap on the floor than there was BEFORE you began packing.
  • Laundry would do itself. That one is self explanatory.
  • Children wouldn’t have to be told two million times to do one specific task. O! My! Gawsh! Young’in, just do what I asked you a million times to do, already, don’t! make me! ask you! again!
  • People wouldn’t say things like, “Your wife is lying to you,” even when that’s untrue.
  • Gas tanks would never need filling. They would spontaneously fill themselves. Or whatever.
So, yeah. That’s my perfect world ideal.

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