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Open Letters: You’re getting on my nerves edition.

Dear Woman that Criticizes my Grammar,

Gah. I get it, fo’sho’. You think that because I’ve bragged once or twice or three times about getting an AA so that I can be a teacher, you have to correct me when I’ve only slept twofrickin’hours. That’s cool. Your M.O.


Seriously? Pour some chill-juice in your coffee in the morning, or take an extra mommy vitamins, and chill the hell-o out. For real, though.

Hugs and Kisses!
Honestly. Mama.


Dear Dude that Doesn’t Like Me for not other Reason than Because I’m Me,

Love ya lots! You’re so awesome with your “I’m better than you, but I’m gonna call you condescending” thing. I mean, really, it just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Keep it coming.


Honestly. Mama.


Dear Snarky Mrs. Snitch Woman,

You’ve decided it’s your personal mission in life to be snarktastic at every turn. You’ve decided it’s your personal mission to make me not only feel stupid, but also feel low and inferior.

Snaps on having a hobby and life goals!


Honestly. Mama.


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