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Things I don’t like.

  • Signs that say “Warning: Falling Rocks”.
  • People that drive under the speed limit in the fast lane.
  • People that run into your shopping cart with theirs, like it’s a bumper car arena or something.
  • Not knowing a word that I need to use and then remembering it when I forgot why I needed it.
  • Forgetting something in the car when I go into my house or a store.
  • Having an arm-full of groceries at the front door when my keys are in my front pocket.
  • Not having time to read.
  • People that are loud in a library.
  • When bookstores are crowded.
  • The dark.
  • Having to wait for things.
  • Not owning my own home/farm/ranch/cows.
You’re welcome.

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