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I? Have a strange taste in music. Not so much strange as….just all over the place. Seriously.

For example, I freaking adore this song:

And I don’t skip over this one on my MP3 player:

This one is my new jam:

It drives my husband crazy.

Not that song (I dunno if it drives him crazy he hasn’t heard it yet).

It drives him crazy in a funny way that I like music the way I do, because I’m bad about skipping through a million songs to find that one that I’m in the mood for. No other song will do except that one I want to listen to. That part drives him crazy.

Oh, and there are some French songs and some classical songs that drive him crazy.

Specifically, this French song:

No, I dunno what it’s saying, don’t really care, either. I lurve it.

Anyways, because of this weird taste in music, and the fact that my favorite place to jam is in the car, sometimes The Husband will let me drive around town for a little while (when he’s home, obviously) so that I can jam out without having the kids in the car with me (I like my music *loud*, like ear-bleeding loud) and I can skip through half a million songs without him grinding his teeth.

Because that teeth grinding thing is totally unhealthy.

And, unflattering.

He loves me so much, obviously, because I’m quirky.

I mean, he doesn’t love me because I’m quirky. I am quirky, and he’s stayed with me for the last six years, therefore he must really love me.

That was my point.

Glad I could clear that up.


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