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Wyoming is wild and crazy. When I learned that we were moving to Wyoming, my mind went to two places: the song “Home on the Range” and tumbleweeds. Later, I realized the beauty that is Wyoming, but it took a while. Also, I had to stop cursing my first winter here. Because that one was rough. Really, really rough.

After that first, harsh, horrible, not so great winter? I began to see the beauty that is Wyoming. The gorgeous panoramic views. The fact that you can see almost literally for *miles* because there are no tall buildings. There aren’t any things that are blocking your views of the skies, of the mountains, of the tumbleweed.

The other really, really great thing about Wyoming? The random wildlife. You will be just driving along, minding your own business when all of a sudden, you’ll see something like this on the side of the road, staring at you, minding it’s own business.

This young moose was just hangin’ out munching on some grass when we drove up. He skedaddled away pretty quickly, but it was so cool to see this moose up close and personal. That is one of the things that I will always adore about Wyoming. It’s the wildest, freest place you’ll ever be.

The other great thing about Wyoming? Buffalo. I *heart* buffalo. I mean, seriously. They are powerful, awesome, scary creatures that can rush you at 30 MPH. You wouldn’t know that by looking at them, but it’s true.

The other great thing about Wyoming is the Spring, which doesn’t come until late May, at the earliest. The lambs running around the pastures that seem to be everywhere in Wyoming. The baby buffalo, all orange and adorable. The baby ducklings and goslings swimming around. I love the spring *anywhere* but for some reason, Wyoming spring seems to be a lot more special. Possibly because it comes after a hard, cold winter. Maybe because I welcome it with open arms. Or maybe because I actually get to see all the babies, instead of just knowing that they are somewhere out there.

See the cute baby? CUTENESS! He was born a few days ago, and was running around before I was able to stop and get a picture, then he ker-plonked next to Mama and passed out.

And because Wyoming is such an anomaly and just all out weird place, the seagulls signify the beginning of spring. Seagulls. In Wyoming. Seriously. I grew up in Florida, and saw seagulls only a few times in my life, when I went to the beach. Here in Wyoming, I see them every *freaking* where. I mean, they are gathered up in parking lots, they are hanging out in the ponds, rivers and lakes. It’s just insane. But, it also reminds me of the warm, soothing beach.


The place that I didn’t want to come to. The place I was apprehensive about.

Now, the place that The Husband will have to drag me away from, kicking and screaming. Part of my heart now belongs to Wyoming.


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