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British words/slang that I love/hate.

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I love British slang/words. To me, they are interesting and fun to say in America, to have people look at me funny and to ask me, “Huh?”. It’s great to use some of these, and yeah, there are some words that I don’t like that they use (there are LOTS of words that Americans use that I can’t stand), but here’s a short list of the ones I love and the ones that I can’t stand. In other words, some are fab, some are not-so-fab.

Ones that are fab:

  • “Bob’s your uncle” — like saying “and that’s it!” or “it’s that simple!”. I love using this one and having people look at me funny. It’s great.
  • “Box your ears” — basically like saying, “I’m gonna slap you.” I think it’s funny.
  • “Cheeky” — basically like calling someone a “smart aleck” or “smart a$$”. Love it.
  • “Fancy” — it means you like someone. I love telling my husband that I fancy him. It makes him look at me funny.
  • “Gobsmacked” — means amazed.
  • “Hanky Panky” — means “making out” here in America. It’s funny, because “hanky panky” in America means to actually have sex.
Ones that aren’t so fab:
  • “Bonk” — basically it’s sex. “I had a great bonk last night.” — just isn’t…..right, for some reason.
  • “Snog” — “serious kissing”. Makes me think of snot.
  • “Shag” or “shagging” — have/had/having sex. I hate this one.
  • “Chuffed” — means “pleased,” but it doesn’t seem that way.
  • “Dog’s bollocks” — makes me think of a dogs butt, but actually means “fantastic”.
The extra layer of hilarity here is that I have a real deep southern accent. I mean the “aw shucks” kind of accent. I say y’all and ain’t ALL THE TIME for crying out loud. So imagine me, with my Reba-McEntire-mixed-with-Dolly-Parton accent (only my voice is a lower than Dolly’s) saying these words that are British slang. I’m gonna fit in SO WELL when I go to England, y’all. For real.

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