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Yesterday, we went to Petsmart. It was fun. We were looking at a Conure in the little plexi-glass cage. Then, one of the sales people came by and opened up the cage for us so we could get in the back and look at her closer, pet her a little bit. It was the coolest thing ever.

She was so pretty and sweet. I wanted to bring her home SO bad, but at $600, we just….well, we almost laughed our butts off at the price, hahaha.


I got my miniature lemon and orange trees in the mail. I just put them in pots and watered them and am so excited for them to grow, grow, grow. I can’t wait utnil they start producing fruit. It’ll be great.


Still planning on going to Florida. Mostly because I want to.

But, we’re not as in to it as we were a week or two ago. Mostly because GEESH gas prices.


I’m in the last week of classes. I just have to survive for ONE more week, and then I’m done. Happy.


That’s it. My life is boring.


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