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I stayed up all night last night to finish my research paper on Ronald Reagan. It was amazing researching someone that I admire so much and that did amazing things. Whether or not you particularly agree with his politics (heck, I don’t even agree with everything he did) — he was a truly inspirational person.

The best part about finishing a research paper is that I am done with it. No matter how fascinating I find the person or subject I’m researching, after months of reading about the person or subject, I kind of get burnt out. I get to the point where I get tired of writing, editing, proofing and re-writing.

I get tired of checking to make sure that my formatting is correct. Checking. Double checking. Triple checking. I just got … burnt out.

And, honestly, I like to just sit back and read a book that has nothing to do with a research paper.

Only 2 weeks left of classes and then I get the whole summer off.


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