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Why I don’t have friends

I could whine and make up many, many, many excuses as to why I don’t have friends in Wyoming, but the honest reason I don’t have friends? I didn’t go out and make any.

It’s cold in Wyoming, just in case you didn’t know. So, when it’s cold, I normally want to stay inside, pouting and glaring at the snow falling outside. Like that actually does something. Let me just pretend it does ok?

So, anyways. I took 2 semesters in In-Person Classes while here and then 1 100 miles away from here, where I made friends easily and quickly, but they live 100 miles away AND a lot of them have since moved. Moved on. Moved away. Just moved.

Yeah, anyways.

I just don’t go out to meet people. High School was so easy. Friends were easy to come by and somewhat expendable.

Plus, I move all the time. It’s hard to make friends somewhere when you know you’ll be moving in a few years. Almost makes it not worth it. And hard to leave.

Anyways, I don’t have friends because I didn’t go out and get any. I felt like I didn’t have time. I felt trapped. I felt horrible.

I feel horrible.

Yeah, it’s my fault. I know that. That’s why the excuses were minimal.

Now, if only I could make things different next time we move.


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