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She kept her nose in a book…..

I love pink. Pink and orange are my favorite colors.

I bought an orange back for my nook after I first bought it, because — for some reason — the white was just boring to me. Plus, if you can change the back of it, why not?

The cover I have for my nook has become dirty. Because I carry it everywhere.

So, I’ve had my eye on this one:

It’s pink on the outside, orange on the inside, with the words “She kept her nose in a book” on the front. I fell in love with it, and almost bought it when I first purchased my nook. BUT, the price made me stop. $125?!?!?! That’s almost as much as I paid for my nook! It was outrageous. Insane. So. Adorable.

I’ve drooled over it for months and months. Then, today, I was bopping around B& looking for a new cover (did I mention mine is WAY dirty?) and looked at it again. I happened to glance at the price. $31? THIRTY ONE DOLLARS?!?! That’s a $93 savings! ZOMG!

I put that puppy in my shopping cart so quick it made my husband’s head spin, and he doesn’t even know about it yet.

I got free shipping (a savings of $5) and cashback through ebates ($1.86) that the rundown looks like this:

Paid: $32.81 (with tax)
Saved: $98 (rounded down)
Cash back: $1.86 (a few cent off, I’m sure)
Total savings + Cash Back:  $99.86

Seriously. What a great deal. Although it was still pricey, it was worth it.


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