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I’ll tell you my dirty little secret.

Someone has to know.

I don’t want to tell anyone, but I  have to.


I stopped couponing.


Don’t ask me why, because I’m honestly not sure. I don’t know what happened, but one day I just quit caring about it. I think I got sad again, because I thought I was pregnant and wasn’t and I have baby fever and OH! I just wish my kids weren’t growing up so fast and my house is a mess and somewhere along the line I just…stopped.

I’m starting over with a new objective, though.

I’m going to get my kids involved.

I know, I know. My kids are 5 & 4 and…..well, couponing? At this age?

But, here’s the thing. I need accountability. Someone besides my husband. Because, ok, honestly? My husband tells me to do something (I know, tells, not “asks”) and I quickly and automatically do exactly the opposite of whatever it was he told me to do. I don’t know why. Something about being a rebel, or daddy issues, or something. I’m not sure.

In any event, he can’t hold me accountable. It doesn’t work. Plus, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but my sweet loving husband is hardly ever home.

So, I think starting over will work for me. I bought a new folder for my coupons, because mine sucked and was cheap. Specifically, I bought this one:

I also bought this thing:

Which is, apparently, made for coupons. I’m trying both methods: the filing method and the notebook method. I’ll see which one works for me and go from there.

Also, the other thing that will help me in my new restart of couponing (this will be the THIRD time I’ve started over. Someone kick me)? I’m going to Florida for a while to visit my family. Specifically I’m going for the whole summer. I’m also taking the kids. Maybe. Probably.

I will be teaching my SIL how to coupon, so hopefully in teaching her, I’ll not only learn how to do it better myself, but also? Get excited about it again.

I mean, Mama likes a good deal, but Mama isn’t sure about all the work that goes in to it.


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  1. Yikes! I did too, almost entirely by accident. Things just got crazy, and from your post I know that you know how much time it takes!

    I’m still shopping frugally, but our grocery bill has definitely gone up. Even still, I’m glad to have the time to do other things in this stage. Maybe in a couple of months I’ll be back at it?


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