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Just Yesterday

“Mom?! Can we go over to her house?” Zach asks me, pointing at the next door neighbor’s daughter, who came over to play this morning.

I walk outside, looking for an adult to say “No” so I won’t have to, but the next door neighbor waves and smiles at me, “They can come over, it’ll be great!” he says.

I gulp.

Just yesterday, my beautiful babies were born. Just yesterday, they were dependent on me for everything. Just yesterday, they were taking their first steps.

Today, they are asking to go to someone else’s house. Already. We’re already at that point. What do I do with that? Today, they are five and four, and I’m not sure how to stop them from growing up.

Just yesterday, everything was further ahead. The running off to someone’s house, the “yeah, ok, Mom”, the independence.

Today, it’s all here, and I’m not sure what to do with that.

My husband thinks we should just have more babies, to fill the void. At some point, I can’t have any more babies. Plus, at twenty-four, I feel old. 

What happened to yesterday?


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  1. Your not old at all! I’m 32 and still haven’t had a child 😦


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