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Dear Real Estate Picture Taker Person,

I know it’s a hard job to point a camera and then take a picture. I get that. I also know it takes a lot of time, and I need to be able to see those pictures online so that I can see the house before I go and look at it, and I thank you for that. There are a few things I don’t need from these photos, though. I don’t need 10,000 pictures of the grass. Seriously. I mean, I want to look at the house, not the grass. One picture of the grass is fine.

Please, for the love of all things holy, stop taking pictures of the corner of a room. I know it’s difficult to take a picture of a bedroom, because it’s kind of awkward, but please try to find a better angle. I need to see the whole room, ok.

Just because the inside of the house is less-than-perfect, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the inside and just post 30 pictures of the outside of the house. Seriously, I don’t normally like to live in the yard, I like to live INSIDE the house, so I need to know what I’m getting myself in to.


The girl that lives 2,000 miles away from the houses she’s looking at.


Dear Real Estate Information-Put-On-The-Website Person,

Dude, seriously? If the house has 5 acres — put acres. If it doesn’t, just put “lot” or whatever. Don’t leave it blank under “acreage”, for the love of all things good and wonderful. Seriously. I mean, it’s kind of imperative to know how much land will be attached to that $200,000 home.

Also, one more little tidbit of knowledge: ACREAGE please, not feet. Thank you.


The girl who can’t figure out how many feet = an acre.


Dear Person That Decides What Will Be on Late Night TV,

Can we just have an entire tv channel dedicated to Looney Tunes and Family Guy at night? From, say, 9 PM until 4 AM? That would be super-duper!


The girl who can’t find a thing to watch at 2 AM.


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