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Almost Home…

We’ve been looking for a place to settle down and buy land in the next few years. The Husband is not real keen on staying in Wyoming anymore because of my obsession with eating real food that I grow with my own hands.

There’s our love for oranges, as well.

That might not make much sense, but the thing is Wyoming is not a real place to grow oranges. Honestly, the only two places we could really move to grow oranges would be Florida or California.

I know that giving up oranges would not be that big of a deal for us, we don’t really eat that many of them now, but it’s just one. more. thing. in the endless list of things that we would already be giving up to stay here.

And I’m so tired of giving up things.

I’m trying to talk him into going back down South, but he doesn’t want to. We’re kind of loving the air quality and beauty out here. We’ve become a bit spoiled.

I don’t want to move any further south than Kentucky (we drove through it last year and man it’s GORGEOUS).

In any event, I want a place to call home. I want a place to raise animals. I want a farm. There are a hundred different things I want on my farm. Here’s a picture list (because pictures are great).

Cows on Bike Ride Pictures, Images and Photos


pygmy goats Pictures, Images and Photos

Pygmy goats.

sheep Pictures, Images and Photos

Sheep. And not of the Demon variety.

Demon Sheep Pictures, Images and Photos

If you haven’t seen that stroke of political ad awesomenss, you MUST watch the fabulous piece of amazing craziness here.


Fluffy Wuffy Bunnies.


Piggy pig pigs.

Yes, I want lots and lots and LOTS of animals. I mean, seriously. SERIOUSLY. I want to walk out on my 100 acre farm every morning to roosters crowing, cows mooing, and sheep bleating. (Isn’t that what they call it?)

Of course, if there are any demon sheep stalking around, I’m never going outside. Seriously.


(Images from photobucket)


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