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Heard in my House….

Thing 2: You aren’t my only brother.
Thing 1: Yes I am.
Me: Yes, he is, sweety.
Thing 2: Can we turn him in?
Me: Turn him in…..?
Thing 2: I want a different one.

Thing 1: Mommy, Thing 2 says you aren’t our Mommy.
Me (to The Husband): What is going on with her today? She keeps saying we’re not her family.
The Husband: I don’t know, have you talked to her?
Me: Thing 2, why do you want a different Mommy?
Thing 2: You aren’t nice. (giggling)
Thing 1 (looking up from his coloring): She’s not nice, she’s awesome!

Me: Thing 2, it’s time for bed.
Thing 2: Why?
Me: Well, because it’s dark.
Thing 2: Oh……I don’t want to.
Me: Tough, honey, it’s bedtime.
Thing 2: Ok.
(30 minutes later)….Me (to my mom, on the phone): I’m not really sleepy……
Thing 2 (yelling, from her room): Tough, honey, it’s bedtime!


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