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Banned Books on My List

The Giver was actually a book that we began reading in the 8th grade, and halfway through it, some student’s parents complained about the theme of the book and the school board subsequently banned it. Our teacher kept copies of it in a box in the classroom and if we had a signed permission slip from our parents (which I forged my mom’s — although she didn’t really care if I read it or not) then we could borrow a book to take home and finish reading it. I took it home and finished it, but I honestly don’t remember it that well.

It was sad to me that my tiny little school was the focus of an entire state because we were squabbling over a book that, to me, seemed fine. I couldn’t believe that there were parents complaining and begging for the book to be banned. The book was not that bad, if I remember correctly.

Anyways, I am planning on reading lots of banned-for-different-reason books this year, mostly because it makes me feel like a rebel, and because they fascinate me, I mean, I read these books wondering, “Why would people want to ban/burn/destroy this book?”

So, what are some banned books that you’ve read or want to read this year? Let me know…..


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