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Backpack Choosing Time!

Technically, I don’t have to buy another backpack until this summer, because I don’t start until the Fall in Actual Classes, but I like to start looking at options early and find what I like and then pounce when it goes on sale, because Momma loves the sales.

So, here are the ones I’ve chosen that I like thus far: (help me pick one out, pretty please with a cherry on top?)

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I love this bag, because it’s a Skullcandy bag. I love their headphones (which are pretty good at canceling out sound) so I think their backpacks would be decent quality. This bag is $70 retail ($59.50 right now with 15% savings) and has lots and lots of pockets. I love pockets. Seriously. It can also be used a messenger bag (which I lurve) or a backpack (for when I’m carrying lots) or I can even carry it like a briefcase, which I never will. It also has an orange lining, which is my favorite-right-now color.

The drawback? That green color. I mean, it’s just….blah green. The price also makes me pause. I’m historically rough with my bookbags, because I just am, and I think this will only last a year, and for that price, I’m not sure if that would be okay with me.

Choice number two is a Burton DJ Bag. This bag is even pricier than the first ($149.95 retail; $89.99 with discount). But, look at the perty perty plaid. I mean, oh my, isn’t she the most gorgeous thing evar? That plaid just makes me melt, seriously.

This can also be used as a messanger/regular bookbag, which I also like. The price, once again, makes me pause.

Choice 3 is a Nuo Eco-Friendly Canvas Laptop Messanger bag. I love the freaking color of this bag! It reminds me of the Florida State colors (garnet and gold), but I’m kinda bummed about the small amount of pockets. I love pockets. Sad. Sad. No pocket backpack.

Seriously, though, the price is nice. ($59.99 retail; $42.49 sale price). The lack of pockets disturbs me.

This is the last one I like (right now). This is the Osprey FlapJill Courier bag. Once again, the lack of pockets disturbs me, but the pretty blue with flowers on the front makes me drool. Pricy bag, once again, ($79.99 retail; $69.99 sale) but very nice big inside. This one can’t be turned into a backpack, but is still nice.

All of these bags are perty perty perty bags, and I’m still overly-excited by the first one, but I want your opinion. Whatchu think?


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  1. I like the last one the best. It’s pretty, but maybe not as functional as the first one with all the pockets. The plaid one is nice too. Eh, I’m not help 😦


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