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I don’t get it…

I’m a political person. I’m in to politics. I breathe, sleep and eat political information, basically. Not really, but ya get what I’m saying. I love politics. I can’t help it. In high school, I hated politics, I never brought up politics with people because I just hated it. After I got married, my husband and I watched the News one night after Hurricane Katrina, and I remember thinking 2 things. 1) Why is New Orleans built in a bowl? I mean, the ground is BELOW sea level, what is up with that? (I was 18 and still a bit of a smartass) and 2) Why are people blaming the President with this? I couldn’t understand how in the world someone could’ve blamed a sitting President for something that he had no control over, and they couldn’t blame him with not getting FEMA there because the governor had to ask for FEMA, and the governor didn’t do that for a few days.

That’s not what this post is about, but that was the day I realized that I was more than just in to politics, but I freaking loved politics.

This post is about this article here. Oh, yeah, this one made me ANGRY this morning. This article is all about Natalie Portman’s oscar acceptance speech.

In her acceptance speech, the “Black Swan” star suggests that pregnancy trumps a career. She’s wrong.

I’m not sure what this woman, the one writing the article, wanted to really say, but she totally failed.

I don’t understand how Natalie Portman saying thanks to her boyfriend for giving her the “most important” role of her life is 1) saying that her career is not as important or 2) something that is wrong or bad.

At the time, the comment jarred me, as it does every time anyone refers to motherhood as the most important thing a woman can possibly do.

She never said that motherhood was the “most important thing a woman can possibly do” but for Pete’s sake, you have to admit, the ability to PRODUCE another HUMAN BEING is pretty freaking awesome. Just sayin’.

But is motherhood really a greater role than being secretary of state or a justice on the Supreme Court? Is reproduction automatically the greatest thing Natalie Portman will do with her life?

I sincerely think that motherhood is much more important than your job. I really do. I think that once you reproduce, once you make a Tiny Human, that is one of the most wonderful, awesome, beautiful things you can do with your life.

Let me take it to a different level: Survival of the Fittest. I learned this last semester that fittest does NOT mean the person who has been in the most movies, the one that is the prettiest or even the one in the best shape. No, fittest means basically the one that reproduces, survives through their offspring. Even the Animal Kingdom realizes that motherhood/fatherhood/reproducing is the most important thing you can do for your species.

And remind me — when was the last time a male star gave an acceptance speech calling fatherhood his biggest role?

I’m just being blunt here, but the basic fact of the matter is fathers do not CARRY that baby around in their belly for 9 whole months, they don’t push a baby out. screaming during the labor and then crying with joy and relief afterwards because it’s over and the baby is now screaming; they don’t breast feed that baby, they don’t hold that baby close in the middle of the night, breathing in that Baby Scent and wanting to shield their baby from all the bad, all the hurt and all the pain that this World brings into our homes.

I’m sorry, but I find it offensive and wrong that this woman felt like she could demean the beautiful and amazing process that is pregnancy (there’s a better word than “process” – but I can’t think of it right now) – a woman giving another life life is one of the most amazing things that women can do. I find it offensive that Mary Elizabeth Williams finds it offensive that Natalie Portman called bearing a child the “most amazing role of her life”.

I also find it amazing and scary that the world has gotten to a point where a woman can not even be proud of the fact that she is having a baby, she can’t even say that, to her, this is the “most important” role of her life, without being bashed by other women. I find it sad and hurtful.

I don’t think that women should just be baby factories, and I completely believe that women can be proud of their accomplishments, they can be proud of their jobs, absolutely. I’m very proud of the fact that I am continuing with my education despite all the pain I’ve had to endure to get here. But, women can also be proud of the fact that the gave someone else a life. Because, if you think about it, your life will end, your career will end, you will be forgotten, but your child will live on, in your likeness and continue to remember you. You may not be appreciated for the hard work that you do, but your children will always appreciate you, even when they don’t realize it, even when they think they don’t.

So, yes, Ms. Williams, “reproducing” is one of the best things that a woman can do in her life, despite your opinion. To some it may even be the best thing, but you don’t get to demean those women, and you don’t get to pretend that they are less of a woman for feeling that way.


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