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Atlas Shrugged

Have y’all read the book? It’s ah-maz-ing. Seriously. There are some dull spots, and it took me months to read it, mostly because I was way too busy. But the story is great, and even the dull parts keep you hooked enough to read it.

The best thing I’ve heard recently is: THEY ARE MAKING IT INTO A MOVIE!

I’m overly excited about it, and kind of hoping it doesn’t suck. The clip that they released is making it easier for me to think it’ll be as kick ass as the book.

Here’s the clip. It’s almost perfectly in line with the book:

Granted, this could be the ONLY part in the movie that follows the book this closely, but I’m finding it hard to believe.

I’m marking my calendar for April 15, because I cannot WAIT to see this movie.


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