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It’s a Mother’s job….

Sometimes, Mother’s jobs aren’t easy. They aren’t glamorous jobs, for sure. There are many days that I don’t get out of my fuzzy slippers and pajama pants I got 2 years ago on sale after Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes, when my child cries out for help or asks me a question, or gets a boo-boo, I remember why being a mommy pays off so much.

They cry, and it’s sad, but there’s on part of this job that never gets old: making the boo-boo better.

Putting a dab on neosporine, a band-aid of their favorite characters and a kiss on top is the recipe for boo-boo fixing in my house.

Sometimes, this mommy job isn’t glamorous or flashy. Sometimes, it’s boring and sad and crazy. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like I’m doing something worthwhile.

But, on the days that we have a boo-boo plague in our home, having my children look up at me after I kiss their boo-boos and saying, “Mommy, thank you, it’s all better now” brings tears to my eyes and makes me smile. It makes it all worth it, sometimes.

I don’t wish boo-boos on my children, don’t get me wrong. But knowing that something as simple as a kiss on a scrape will make them feel better makes me happy. It makes me feel better.

Those smiling babies just because of the power of a mommy’s kiss is the most heart meltingly sweet feeling ever.

Seriously, y’all.


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