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Things you should sign up for….

*Quick note: These are referral links, which means if you sign up, I get credits or different things. Just wanted to be clear and upfront about that*

There are many different ways to save money online. You don’t have to buy every deal that comes your way, but it’s nice to save sometimes on things that you buy. Here are a couple of things to sign up for, and the information about them:

  1. Ebates – Seriously, people, sign up for this one now. ESPECIALLY if you do a lot of shopping online. You get cashback for shopping online at some stores (a lot of stores) such as WalMart, Target, B&, etc. The only place where I shop a lot and don’t get cashback: Bummer, but whatevs. You get a $5 cashback with your first purchase of $25 and over.
  2. Eversave — This is one of those sights where you sign up for your cities and you can get deals based on where you live. It’s where I got the coupon for $50/1 at ice and only paid $23 on it. You get a $2 save credit with your first buy.
  3. Groupon — You need to sign up for this because it’s a lot like Eversave with a lot of good deals. Right now, they are doing a $20 GC for B&N for only $10! So, check that out, peoples!

I don’t have any more, but if you do — let me know! These things are awesome, so sign up for them. You may not be able to use them, but you can use them enough to make them work for you. 🙂 With Ebates (I’ve been using it since December) I’ve already got $36.50 in cash back! They should be sending me my next check this month!


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