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She’s Here! (SQUEEEEE!)

Yeah, I’m that excited. Really. That excited.

I have no life. I’m easily amused.

So, I checked the USPS site this morning and was totally not expecting her to be here, yet. Because she was in Denver, like, Saturday. But, somehow through magic sheer luck, she was here.

I jumped right into my Jeep Grand Cherokee and got her right away. The box was MASSIVE that she was in and I thought, “Huh, weird. I guess that packed the smaller box into a MASSIVELY HUGE box, or something. Whatever.”

I got home and pulled her out, in all her yellow glory.

Oh, I just wanted to kiss her and hug her and make her my precious. Ahem, I mean, I was so in love with that beautiful yellow color.

I can’t believe how huge big boned she is. She’s heavy and awesome, and absolutely amazing.



(Yes, that is my Joy of Cooking cookbook behind her.)

I sat her next to her sister, Sandy, on my counter. They seem happy together.

They were so happy that they finally were reunited. It was definitely one for the scrapbook.

Ok, no I’m not crazy, I know they aren’t real people or anything, so don’t start calling the people with the white coats to give me one of those awesome huggy jackets, ok?

But, she’s just so pretty, you can’t help but think of her as a she, right?

I was also in awe of all the accessories she came with. This girl knows how to accessorize. Seriously. I mean, I knew she was coming with a lot of stuff, but I was just amazed.



(That thing on the bottom that is barely in the picture is a juicer)

The coolest thing about her? The one thing that makes me have the glees? She has 3 separate bowls. A 4-cup, a 9-cup and a 12-cup. Meaning, I can use it 3 different times without having to wash her bowls in between. How awesome is that?


Four Cup Bowl

Nine Cup Bowl

Twelve Cup

And, I don’t mean to say anything, but this girl has got a big mouth. I mean, I’m just sayin’.

But, I’m not trying to say anything about it.

The only thing that I’m worried about is the <whispering> sibling rivalry </whispering>. Yeah, I totally just geeked out right then. Oops. I mean, with all the time I’ve spent oohing and ahing over Buttercup (totally her name) –I’m just a little worried about Sandy and how she’ll feel.

Poor Sandy, I wish she knew that although I’ve got another sweet baby in the kitchen, I still love her, too.

She’s a little used, she’s a little bit banged up, but she’s still my baby.

I cannot wait to get in the kitchen to cook up something great tomorrow with my girls.


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