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The Price of Food

I’ve noticed that the price of food has gone up a lot in just the last couple of weeks. It’s amazing, and also, scary. I mean, a few months ago, I was paying maybe $2 for a lb of bacon. A week ago it was about $3.20 and now? It’s $5! Five dollars for a pound of bacon is incredible and very, very high.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that stores seem to be doing the same sales for 3 weeks, only changing one or two things each week. A few months ago, if I didn’t get something for a deal that was in the paper, I missed out for a while. Now, I’ve been able to get the same deals for 3 weeks straight.

The economy is bad and it’s getting worse, I think.

Have you guys noticed this? Is couponing helping you keep your costs down? What are you doing to make sure that in the future, if prices keep going up, you’ll be able to afford things?


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