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I’m not obsessed!

Ok, actually I am. I have an obsessive personality and it’s incredibly easy for me to become obsessed with things. I don’t understand why, but here is a list of a few things I am obsessed with right now:

  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Kitchen stuff
  • Cleaning
  • School Work
  • Reading
  • Organizing
  • The News
  • Facebook
  • The Tudors

I am obsessed with The Tudors and by that — I mean the TV show, the Actual History and the plethora of books that have been written about King Henry VIII. The TV show is over, the last season was last year or the year before. I haven’t seen the last season, but I did watch the first three, which were just amazingly done. The cast is beautiful and awesome, the historical facts are somewhat there, more so than would be expected. In my mind, there was only one downfall of the show: the amount of sex and naked people.


Sex doesn’t bother me, per se, I just don’t want it shoved in my face Just Because this tv show is on Showtime. I understand that there is a historical significance to showing the sex, because King Henry VIII was a notable whore, according to some Historical References (others claim he was totally true to his non-boy-bearing first wife and then started whoring around). I mean, the King was the King and who was going to tell him “No” when he ordered them to stay in bed all weekend with him?


The show does a great job of portraying King Henry the way that he most likely was — sort of like a tantrum throwing two year old. The man was easily swayed to others opinions probably because he was young when he took the throne and the people around him wanted to use him for their own purposes.

Honestly, I’m okay with being obsessed with this show, mostly because it’s interesting, it’s a crazy ride and it’s somewhat Historically Accurate.

But, if you don’t want to see naked people and lots of sex, stay away from this show or watch the BBC America version, which is edited and cleaned up a bit.

And, that is my “I do this and you should to” of the month. 🙂


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