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Slowly but Surely.

I’ve been cleaning out boxes and finding things that would’ve worked in decorating schemes that I’d decided on years ago but have outgrown, now. So slowly but surely I’m re-purposing these things. Pictures to come, because some of the ideas I have for them are actually cute, if I say so myself.

Slowly but surely I’m getting my house in the order that I want it in, where the things I need/want are at my finger tips, the things I don’t use that much are put somewhere I can find them easily, but out of sight, and the things that we barely use (like our vacuum cleaner, because we have hard wood floors, except in one room, which is a storage room right now) put into boxes or put up in storage. Things that we won’t use again are going in the garbage or to a thrift store, depending on how they look.

Because slowly but surely I’m going to get my house in order, even if we are moving in 6 months, because I need this for me, and when I go to pack things up, they will be in the room that I want them in, so that after we move, I’ll know that the things are in correct boxes, going to correct rooms, and that will make everything smooth.

And slowly but surely, it makes me happy.


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