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Wild Wyoming.

I live in Wyoming, about 100 miles from any sort of big city/civilization. We have a Wal-Mart in our town and a grocery store. We have a locally-owned drug store and an ACE hardware store, as well as 2 clothing stores and a couple other little locally-owned places. It’s nice. Quaint. Beautiful.

I enjoy living in a small town. Except for when I visit a city. Then, I love the city; when I see how close everything is, the four different Target stores, the two Wal-Marts (one with a parking garage!), the scrapbooking stores, the malls! Knowing that every time I read about deals in Walgreens, I can just run down the road and snap them up, rather than having to pay for $40 worth of gas just to get to the store to grab the deal.

I enjoy living in the wild of Wyoming, mostly because I am a born and bred small town country girl. I talk slow and have a drawl, I speak deliberately and I am stubborn to boot. I say “y’all” and “ain’t”, I love horses and cows, I can shoot a gun and hunt like it’s nobody’s business.

There are many different reasons to stay in a small town: The people are nicer. The crime is not as rampant. The children’s teachers in school will be more accessible. There is open country to buy, land to own, which would just make me have the glees. You can see the stars at night. The roads are never jammed with traffic.

There are also bad things about living in small towns: There are people that are not willing to let anyone new in. It’s harder to go to a college when the nearest University is over 100 miles away. It’s difficult to just jump in the car and go deal hunting. There aren’t any thrift stores or antique shops to browse. There aren’t that many jobs available.

Sometimes, I love living in the wilds of Wyoming, I enjoy the vast land spread out for acres and acres with nothing on it, the mountains always in the distance, the wildlife that is always brimming around us.

Sometimes, I want to move far far away, because it’s difficult living in a place that is so cold, it’s difficult living in a place where I feel like I’m always alone. It’s difficult living in a place where my husband’s job runs our lives, and there’s nothing that he or I can do about it.

Sometimes, it’s hard in Wyoming, which is probably why I love it so freaking much.


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