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Savings Day Two!

I didn’t expect to go for a big haul today, but I ended up pretty much doing that. Here’s a picture of a little more than half of it (you can’t see everything, but it’s a decent pic):


I went to Smiths and here are the highlights of what I got:

4 x Capri Sun on sale for $1.77: $7.08
Used 2 $1/2 Qs
Total: $5.08 (or $1.27/1)

2x Nestle Cocoa: $2 (on sale for $1/1)

Charmin Toilet Paper: $6.99
Used e-coupon: -$3.00
P&G Event: -$1.00
Total: $2.99 ($0.25/roll) *Pretty okay.*

3 x Powerade Zero @ $1.09/1 : $3.27
Sale: -$0.90
Total:$2.37 ($79/1)

6 x Hunt’s Snack Pack Puddings (on sale 10/$10): $6.00
Used 2 -$0.60/3 Qs: -$1.20
Total: $4.80 (or  $0.80/1)

4 x Dawn Dishwashing Soap: $9.96 ($2.49/1)
Used 4 -$0.50/1 Qs: -$1.00
Used 1 e-coupon: -$0.50
P&G Event: -$4.00
Total: $4.46 (or $1.11 ea) *once again, not great, not horrible; I’ll take what I can get*

2 x Guacamole @ $2.99/1: $5.98
BOGO Free: -$2.99
Used $1/1 Q
Total: $1.99/2 (or  $0.99/1)

20 x Yoplait Yogurt (on sale 10/$5): $10.00
Used 2 $0.60 off Q
Used 1 $0.40 off Q
Total: 20/$8.40 (or $0.42/1) *This deal was decent*

All told, here’s my totals:

Total Spent for whole trip: $63.96
Total Saved: $49.77 (44%)

Total Points: 172 (Used double points Q)

I also received a  $1.25 Q for my next purchase!


The points at our grocery store work like this: The first 500 points are worth $5, every 100 points after that is another $1 added to that. They send coupons for the amount of points due at the end of a 3 month period. So, for this only being the 4th day of the month, it’s not too bad.

After our next paycheck, I’ll get the meat for the next two months; hopefully there will be a good sale on it. 🙂


Also, at Wal-Mart today, I found those 18 gal tubs that you can store things in that are 50% off, so I bought about 6 of them! 🙂 They were $2.80/1 after the marking down. Not too bad.


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