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Money Goals

This year, I’m going to have a lot of different goals set up so that I can, at the end of the year, actually look at what we’ve done and feel some sort of accomplishment.

  • Save at least $5,000 this year in our emergency fund. This will be a good start, although we’ll have to add more next year and then more the year after.
  • Pay off the truck and then begin applying that payment to our Jeep.  (Not sure exactly how much we owe on the truck, I’m thinking $4K)
  • Save back $2,000 for a new vehicle down payment, which The Husband will need in a few years, I want to pay a total down payment of $10,000 on any vehicle we buy.
  • Pay off at least 20% of our collector’s debt (things already sent to collection years ago when we were unemployed for a while).
  • Pay The Husband’s student loan off (~$2,000).
  • Pay off one student loan of mine.
  • Have some money saved to take a pretty nice vacation this summer (at least $2,500).

I’m thinking this is a good start. This would be a total of:

+/- $9,500 SAVED.
+/- $12,000 DEBT PAID OFF.


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