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New Year…..

It’s funny, because the other day I was walking through a store here in town and they had all of their weight loss stuff up front, like weights, slimfast, etc. I had to laugh, because these stores, they know American’s so freaking well that they know New Years = People wanting to lose weight and buying all kinds of weight loss stuff.

It’s become the New Year’s resolution in America.

And I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to want to lose weight, hell, it’s on my Resolution list. I’m just saying that there are still many overweight people in America — so are we just failing on these resolutions? I mean, I have a few times, and I get that procrastination is something we all deal with the next day, but….

If we aren’t going to actually start doing something about it, then it’s never going to change.

And spending hundreds a year on gym memberships and stuff isn’t going to do anything but make our wallets lighter, which won’t really help when you step on that scale nekkid.


Just sayin’.


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