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Snow Days

The kids love the snow, they love when there’s soft fluffy snow to go jump into and to “shovel” around.

They love it when Daddy is home, and he takes them outside to use the snow shovel as a sled, makes a little hill and pulls them around the yard.

They love the snow, when it’s fluffy and new outside.

Me? I love the icicles, because that means that the snow is melting. And they are pretty.

I like to believe that somewhere, deep inside, the wonder that my kids have for simple things such as 3 feet of snow, is still there for me. I like to hope that sometimes, I will just be able to enjoy the snow, the little things that make this life worth living.

Until then, I’ll just learn to enjoy their joy of the snow. I learn to enjoy their joy of the little things.

Until I can learn to enjoy them again, too.


    I don’t think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains.
    -Anne Frank



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