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When we lived in Colorado, I really got into couponing. I bought 3 papers every Sunday, bought clipped coupons from online stores, scoured Ebay for coupon bundles and had two papers delivered to my house every Sunday. It was fun, scoring a deal almost every time I went to the store, and I ended up saving more than enough money than we needed to save, and ended up with a huge stockpile of things that we still haven’t worked our way through now, two years later.

I really want to go back to Disney World. I went with my dad, the kids and my stepmom last summer and the kids had a blast, I had a blast (although it is a *bit* different when you are an adult) and the kids still ask to go back. I found an awesome blog that gave me a wonderful idea: use the money that I save from couponing and that I get back in rebates to go to Disney World! It was something that never occurred to me before, although I knew saving money to go was a great idea, I never thought of using this method.

We’re planning on trying to go in May. It may be a little crowded, it may be a little aggravating, but it’s the only time I’ll be able to go since I have the summer off, and it’s going to be a great graduation present for me.

Of course, it may not happen.  We’re wanting it to, but we also have to move across the state of Wyoming this summer, we have to find a new apartment and put down all the deposits with that, and we have to start gearing up for Thing1 to start school and for me to go to The University. We know it’ll be fun to go, and that it’ll be something the kids will remember. I remember my first trip to Disney when I was about Thing 2’s age (4).

I just know that getting back into couponing is something that I need to do, one way or another. My husband’s really good job that he has now isn’t transferring to the town I’ll have to live in to go to The University, and although I fully plan on substituting for the school district there, we may have to struggle for a while, so couponing will help ease a lot of that struggle.

Also: it’s just plain fun.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
-Walt Disney


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