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Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

Yeah, I realize it’s a month before Christmas is actually here, but…whatever.

We started our Thanksgiving with a wonderful, warm fire.

We put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving, which is sort of our Family Tradition. I like this one because it gives us enough time of having the tree up without looking like total weirdos. We don’t take it down until January 1st, though because it’s a superstition that if you take it down before it’s bad luck. So, I guess it probably defeats the purpose of not wanting to look like weirdos.

Did I mention that all of these pictures have been taken with my awesomely awesome new FujiFilm camera? It’s beautiful and wonderful and takes really, really great pictures.

It was a little stressful having the kids putting up the ornaments over a wooden floor, but we only had one crash boom, so it was good.

Our tree is sort of shabby, we don’t really have a whole lot of ornaments on it. But, every year, after Christmas I buy a few more, when they are on sale, so that the next year our tree will be a little less shabby.

All of these ornaments mean something to me. Even though I buy them on sale, I still select them because they mean something to me, they are beautiful or they are something that reminds me of something.


Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.
-Norman Vincent Peale


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