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Let Me Just Say

I love Benjamin Franklin, hence the name of the blog.

I love my life, with my wonderful (PERFECT) little family that gives me the glees in my warm-gooey spots (that sounds dirty, but totally isn’t).

I just have this little, well, really smallish-kind-of-biggish problem.

I procrastinate. I hate stay-at-home-mothering. And, I’m sort of, kind of lazy.

Which, I suppose makes me the “typical” American.

I’m trying to pull myself out of this cycle of never-ending craziness. I mean, my life just feels out of control sometimes. So, here I am, putting it out there, in the interwebs, hoping to not only get support and a little bit of advice, but also laughs. I just want to make myself and the people around me happy.

And, although it could be construed as “selfish” — I’m starting with me.

So, hi! Welcome. Meet my kids:

Thing 1 (boy) and Thing 2 (girl).

They will probably make frequent appearances on this blog, although it will mostly be about my life, as I don’t like putting pictures of them just….out there.



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